Meet Marisa

communication strategist, photographer, and college professor

Growing up on a small farm in North Carolina, I developed a strong work ethic and family ties. Studying communication in college, I learned to craft messages effectively. In graduate school, I honed researching skills and how to turn technical terminology into simple words. Post-college taught me to chase dreams and hustle. Starting a blog showed me just how much I love telling stories.

Now, I’m a photographer, communication strategist, social media consultant, and college professor. My job is to tell stories and help others tell their own stories. My goal is to help build legacies and connect people through stories, oh, and to do all that creatively.

When I’m not behind my camera taking photos, typing away on my keyboard to craft a story, out in the field talking with folks, or teaching a college class, you can find me swinging in a hammock with a good book, working on a new sewing project, doting on my cat Callie, or sipping a sweet tea while watching a movie with my giant of a husband.


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