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Welcome to M. See Creative

Where communication consulting, photography, and agriculture can be found in one place.

Passion became a profession, and because of that journey, the work done here has heart in every piece of it. We are here to make your visions and goals come to life.

The question is…

How can we help?




The creativity process and agriculture have more in common than you’d think…

  • STORMS—Creativity involves a lot of brainstorming that can lead to a mess of scrap paper and discarded ideas. Agriculture goes through more literal storms that can lead to mud, extra work, and ruined crops.

  • JOY—Creativity brings joy to the soul in the form of seeing ideas come to life and of a photo starting a conversation or words connecting with others! Agriculture brings joy in the form of new life, new beginnings, and the little things like the smell of fresh hay and seeing the seeds you planted grow.

  • HARD WORK—Creativity and agriculture both demand late nights and early mornings, working until the job gets done. Neither stops for weather. Both get creative to solve problems, sometimes involving duct tape and baler twine. There’s not a project that we shy away from.

  • PEOPLE— Creativity strives to connect with people through words, photos, design, and emotion. It is about telling people’s stories and taking the time to care about those stories. Agriculture strives to connect to people through food, fiber, and fuel. It is about making a difference in the lives of people and taking the time to do it right.

And then, when you combine creativity and agriculture, like here at M. See Creative, it’s hard to see the beginning and the end—there’s corn in the fields and corn in photos. There’s manure on your boots and mine.

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Taking the next step…


Whether you are looking for help on a project for your business or updated photos for your family, M. See Creative is here for you. You’ll be met with enthusiasm, a list of ideas, and a roll-up sleeves mentality. So, let’s get this conversation started. I can’t wait to help you tell your story, capture your memories and connect!

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