Social Media Consulting


Social media is a vast, ever-changing beast that demands creativity, immediacy, and relevancy. It is a tool that connects people and can be the face of a company. Using it effectively is the hard part. M. See Creative “gets” social media. Marisa has been successful in increasing social media followers by 100% for clients, developing posts that the target audience wants to see, and creating social media platforms and content that strive for and achieve high rates of engagement.

Social media services include, but are not limited to:

  • Social media calendar templates

  • Social media policies and plans

  • Social media strategy sessions

  • Page set-up and creation

  • Management

  • Content creation

  • Ad development

  • Training

Contact me to talk about a customized social media consulting package just for you! I’m also offering a FREE 30-minute consultation phone call with me (Marisa), so reach out today.